A cluster is

A cluster is

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Læs om klynger i historien

Over the last few years, the word ‘cluster’ has been widely used in more and more contexts. Business people and politicians use the word diligently, and researchers, organisations, regions and municipalities also have cluster collaboration on the agenda. 

But what is a cluster? How do we define cluster collaboration?

Læs om kendte klynger

The answer is not unequivocal. There are many definitions of clusters, and the cluster concept has changed, since it first emerged in Denmark. 

At REG X, our work is based on the following definition: 

”A cluster is a group of companies situated close to each other by choice and working on a strategic level with other companies, public authorities and knowledge institutions because it renders competitive advantages, which the individual company cannot obtain on its own.”

Læs om danske klyngefacilitatorer

Cluster collaboration is different from e.g. networks, consortiums and business parcs by the fact that all parties are collaborating on a strategic level and solve problems to the benefit of them all.

On this video, among others, Ífor Ffowcs-Williams, who is one of the world's leading cluster experts explains the role of the cluster facilitator and how cluster collaboration can strengthen a focus area.

Among other things, the experts on the video illustrate what a cluster is, what the role of a cluster facilitator is and how to design frame work conditions to support the development of clusters.