Our activities

Our work covers three main areas:

1. Competency Building and Knowledge Sharing

REG X carry out training programmes for regional and national policy makers working with clusters (Executive Policy Program).




The Executive Policy Program was initiated in the autumn of 2011 and was developed in collaboration with the Region of Southern Denmark, the Region of Central Jutland, the OECD and leading international universities and experts. Read more about the programme HERE.

2. Analysis, Research and Development Projects

REG X conducts analysis of Danish clusters to examine the industrial specialisation of the clusters and their ecosystems, meaning the collaboration between the clusters' large established companies, young entrepreneurs, SMEs, knowledge institutions, advisors and investors. Read more HERE

REG X is affiliated to relevant research and development projects, which are to contribute with new knowledge to promote the work of the Danish cluster actors. Furthermore, we have a PhD student working on the theme "Clusters and Open Innovation".

3. Knowledge building and Sharing

REG X participates in a series of national and international projects in order to accumulate knowledge about the incentives for developing strong and innovative clusters. We convey this knowledge to the cluster actors i.e. through our work with the TCI 2013 Conference (, the InTra-Net project on cross-border cluster collaboration (see more HERE), the network for Danish cluster facilitators, newsletters and LinkedIn groups (REG X and the Network for Cluster Facilitators)