What did the TCI conference mean to my cluster?

What did the TCI conference mean to my cluster?

The TCI 2013 put a spotlight on Danish clusters – especially the clusters that invited the conference delegates on cluster tours became the focal points for international attention.

We have spoken to Design2Innovate, Welfare Tech, Offshoreenergy.dk and LEAN energy about what the TCI conference meant to them.


We are definitely going to do something with Scotland

Thit Juhl Madsen, Design2Innovate:

The TCI conference meant that our internationalisation strategy has been put up front. We had started the initial desk research looking for potential international partners of cooperation, but struggled to find the time for it. At the TCI conference the world came to us and now it’s more about considered selection.

The cluster tour was an exceptional window for us where we could present ourselves as who we are, what we do, and what design can do to business development. We had a dialogue with a group of global agenda setting actors about which role design plays in business development and as a tool for innovation in clusters.

There are several international clusters that we are going to work with. For example the Glasgow school of art is a sure choice for cooperation, as their working methods resemble ours, and it will probably be within the areas of welfare and digital health.

We had a great dialogue with The Cape Craft & Design Institute, the creative cluster in Cape Town and the Western Cape Government. We are going to explore the opportunities to do some activities with them in relation with the World Design Capital in Cape Town 2014. Finally the Finish funding agency for innovation and technology (TEKES) was very interested in cooperation and we are also going to continue the dialog with them.


We have got inspiration as to how to become a “Gold Cluster”

Karen Lindegaard, Welfare Tech

“In general the TCI conference and especially our cluster tour has created awareness of our name abroad

At Welfare Tech we have a clear strategy that we are eager to cooperate with foreign clusters as they give our firms access to interesting markets. We have been on the outlook to find possible clusters for cooperation, and after the conference I have been busy with following up on contacts among others in Austria, South Germany and Australia.

I have specifically targeted the workshops and persons that could provide me with the knowledge that I have been looking for. We have gained access to the latest knowledge about how to develop strong clusters. Especially, I have received good information about cluster excellence and the process of the “gold”-certification. We have also received great inspiration to sound and sustainable innovation processes, as well as obtained ideas to internationalisation of cluster and international services for our firms.”


We have come closer to new, big markets

Peter Blach, Offshoreenergy.dk

We have created relations with networks and clusters with interest in the offshore sector.

We have obtained two contacts from Abu Dhabi and Brazil, which we expect future cooperation with. Normally we need to travel out and find the contacts abroad, which isn’t always easy. Here, the ones that had interest in offshore came to us and we were lucky to find some interesting persons. This kind of contacts has great value to us.

We want to help them create networks in their local markets. We use our experience and the expert factor, which comes with our gold certification. When that is set we bring our member firms to the table, and they get access to new, big markets.”


We became a member of the TCI

“We have got lots of new inspiration of how to work with clusters and networks which we would not have access to otherwise.

Moreover, we have a couple of concrete cooperation appointments along with plenty of new contacts, and we are now following up. I got so exited that I signed up as a member in TCI during the conference.