TCI2013 in Kolding generated new partnerships

TCI2013 in Kolding generated new partnerships

The role of social media had a great impact as 300 business people from 40 countries met in Kolding 3-6 September 2013. Many participants exchanged knowledge and explored the opportunities for new international partnerships.

Hi, I am from the Glasgow School of Art. Does anybody want to cooperate with me in order to create a new exchange program for students?”

That is the tone of the more than 1000 tweets appearing on the screen during the TCI conference in Kolding the 3-6 September.

And yes please, The University of Southern Denmark and Kolding School of Design were interested in cooperating with their Scottish colleagues, and shortly after they met and communicated face-to-face at the venue in Kolding.

At present they have sketched a new exchange program that combines design, engineering and business, and where the students will work with practical challenges in the South Danish clusters.


Great foreign interest

There were plenty of this kind of success stories at the conference, and this is appreciated by the President of the Regional Council of the Region of Southern Denmark Carl Holst.

 “It’s great to see how many concrete projects and relations that have been created throughout these days. The participants have received insights about the strong South Danish clusters, and we have been confirmed in our focus on supporting these clusters. I am convinced that the conference has put South Denmark on the international cluster map”, says Carl Holst.

This is confirmed by Lotte Langkilde, director of the Danish Cluster Academy, REG X. She experienced a great foreign interest in the way the Region of Southern Denmark works with clusters and she has no doubt that the South Danish competencies within energy, welfare technology and design has become more visible.

This is not least due to the Cluster Tours where many participants had the opportunity to get close to the practical work with for example design in the Kolding area and with offshore in Esbjerg.

“The cluster tours have received many compliments and many participants have been surprised by the strong clusters they have seen here. From previous TCI conferences in the Basque country, Cape Town and Auckland we have seen that the cluster tours create lots of attention. I expect that the Danish clusters in the coming months will be a focal point for many international partnerships”, tells Lotte Langkilde.


The Torch has been passed on

On the last day of the conference also the president of TCI professor Christian Ketels from Harvard Business School expressed his excitement about the Kolding conference.

The conference was organised in cooperation between the Region of Southern Denmark, REG X, University of Southern Denmark, the Triangle Area, The Danish-German Region and the municipality of Kolding.

Next year the TCI annual global conference takes place in Monterrey in Mexico.



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