TCI 2013 - join us on the social medias


We are getting closer to this year’s TCI Global Conference in Denmark – an event that will reach new levels of interactivity and knowledge sharing, both online and offline. The programme is regularly updated and a special kind of math has been taken into the conference concept. Read more here

Social Media
At this year’s TCI Global Conference participants are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences, take photos and videos and share it with the crowd. Already at this point, discussions and networking have started at the online social media so if you want to know what is going on before, during and after the TCI2013 conference, you are encouraged to be present online.

Online platforms have already been created on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (remember #TCI2013) so start tweeting, posting and networking already now.

Updated programme
The programme is continuously being updated and you can always check out the website to see the most current programme.

The registrations are ticking in
There are now more than 140 registered participants from 25 different countries, with 2 months still remaining before the registration deadline. This holds promise of a conference with a lot of participants and thereby a lot of networking and knowledge sharing. [LFK1]

“The Every Encounter Equation”
“The Every Encounter Equation” shows what you can expect at the TCI2013 conference in Kolding.

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