REG X closes 1 July 2014

REG X closes 1 July 2014

For the past 5 years, REG X has worked with putting the Danish clusters on the national agenda, broadening the understanding of what clusters are and how to work with clusters and developed new types of cluster analysis. Our assignment has been accomplished, and we pass the baton on to Netmatch, who recently won the national tender to operate the future support function for clusters and networks in Denmark called "Cluster Excellence Denmark".

We have been on an exciting journey with many of you who work with clusters. It has been challenging and rewarding. When we started in 2009 a lot of people did not know what clusters were all about. Today, the cluster concept is known to everybody. At national, regional and municipal level, people are talking about clusters and a number of cluster initiatives have been put into place to develop the Danish clusters. Today Denmark even has a national cluster and network strategy. Indeed a lot has happened since 2009.
We are extremely proud of the work we have done and the results we have achieved. We have worked with world-leading cluster and innovation experts, with some of the world's top universities and business schools, with many foreign clusters and large global companies. More than 150 partners from around the world have worked with us. This has resulted in a great international network that the Danish cluster actors can benefit from in the coming years.


How do we see the development of the Danish cluster in the years ahead?

In the coming year we expect a consolidation of the Danish clusters. Several clusters will initiate strategic alliances or merge with other clusters, as we have recently seen with CLEAN and Danish Food Cluster. We see this as a positive development as it will make the Danish clusters more visible to the outside world and because it offers some exciting opportunities for those clusters that are not so far advanced in their development.
At the regional level, we expect the regions to take a much more proactive role in developing the regional clusters. In addition, strategic collaboration between clusters in different regions will be more common and give rise to new division of labour between clusters and regions The Central Denmark Region and the Region of Southern Denmark have taken the first step in that direction, and it will be interesting to follow the development of cross-regional cluster collaboration in the coming years.
A particular challenge for the Danish cluster organisations  - and particularly the cluster managers - will be to ensure value for their members and supporting innovation activity and growth for cluster companies. There are still too few examples of good strategic innovation projects between cluster actors. Many innovation projects end up as pilot projects and are not commercialized. In addition the established companies in the clusters do not exploit the potential in working with entrepreneurs. These challenges need to be addressed in the coming years.
Another key challenge is to get a much better understanding of how universities can contribute to the development of clusters. And when it makes sense for universities to participate in a cluster initiative. We´ve been working actively with clusters in Denmark for the past 7-10 year –and our universities have been active in this work. But when does it actually make sense to include a university in a cluster initiative? And what have we learned from the past 5-7 years of collaboration with the universities in the Danish clusters? These and other questions needs to be addressed as we go forward..

Finally, we believe that there is a need to rethink the certification of the Danish clusters. Denmark is the country in Europe with most gold clusters per. capita. Is this good? And does it provide a true picture of the performance of the Danish clusters? What does this mean for the many clusters that are in the pipeline? And what comes after gold?
The Danish cluster actors are indeed facing an exciting period to come.


Thank you!

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU for all the support and the positive feedback we have received over the years. Thanks to all of you who opened up, inspired us and challenged us. You have kept us on our toes and ensured that we went for the absolute highest level of ambition in the activities we’ve carried out. Also thanks to all of you who have invested time and money in us. We could not have made the results we have achieved had it not been for your support and commitment.

A special thanks to Region of Southern Denmark and the University of Southern Denmark, Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management, who had faith in us and gave us the framework that we needed to create the good results we have achieved.
Have a great summer!

All the best!
Lotte, Glenda, Sofie and Louise