Education project to prepare maritime Denmark for the future


Education project to prepare maritime Denmark for the future

Maritime Development Center of Europe has launched the project ’The Danish Maritime Cluster’, which is to elevate the maritime level of education in Denmark. Among other things, the project is to develop several postgraduate education offers and CPD courses for maritime educations.

By Sabina Kethelz

The Danish maritime educations – from cook and naval architect to Executive MBA in Shipping & Logistics –are in demand and of high quality. But the courses and the jobs are changing, and international competition has increased. In order for Denmark to maintain its position as one of the world’s leading shipping nations, it is necessary to secure a continuous high level in the competencies of the maritime workforce.

Project ”Danish Maritime Cluster is in fact to secure the upscaling of maritime educations, making it possible to raise the competency level. The supply of maritime educations at university level is actually limited at the moment.

Maritime Development Center of Europa (EMUC) – with manager Steen Sabinsky in front – is the lead partner of the project consortium, which consists of the following partners:
Copenhagen Business School - Blue MBA, Copenhagen Business School – Center for Shipping Economics and Innovation, Danish Maritime, DTU Transport, Force Technology, The
Copenhagen Marine Engineer college (KME), Copenhagen University – Faculty of Law, Svendborg International Maritime Academy (SIMAC) and Aarhus Marine Engineer College.

The combination of educational institutions and maritime actors gives the project a wide foundation and makes it easier to cross-collaborate in order to upgrade the educational level.

A major industry

It makes good sense to ensure that the maritime workforce can perform the job in the future, as Danish shipping is among the world’s most competitive shipping industries. Approximately 5 % of the world tonnage – i.e. the aggregate amount of gross tons that the freight ships of the world can carry – are controlled by Denmark, according to Danish Ship-owners’ Association. Approximately 10 % of the world trade is transported by Danish ship-owners, and Danish shipping is the largest single contributor to the national balance of payments.

Furthermore, shipping is the driving force of several other maritime industries like equipment and service suppliers, harbours, offshore wind power, oil and gas extraction and fishery.

Potential collaborators and others with an interest in project Danish Maritime Cluster may contact project manager Merete Vestergaard.

European Maritime Day focuses on the EMUC

EMUC was chosen by the European Commission to be the co-ordinator of a workshop on ”Maritime Clusters” on the European Maritime Day, which takes place on the 21st to the 22nd of May 2012 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The workshop taking place on the 22nd of May is a teamwork between three maritime clusters; Marine South East, Region Västra Götaland and the Danish Maritime Cluster, with EMUC as a co-ordinator at the workshop.

Some of the headlines of the discussions and debates of the workshop is already on the drawing board and are as follows:


• The value of the Maritime Clusters of Europe

• Regional maritime clusters that support innovation and economic growth

• New opportunities of ”Blue Growth” and the role of the regional maritime clusters


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