Assistance to cluster in recruiting young international talents

Assistance to clusters in recruiting young international talents

Today, within certain industries and for certain types of job positions it may be difficult to recruit qualified labour in Denmark. If, based on that fact, Danish clusters may wish to recruit young international talents in order to secure the competitiveness of their members, they can get assistance to do so.


A new report from the investment promoting organisation ”Copenhagen Capacity” concludes that Denmark misses out on major tax revenues because only 54 per cent of the young international students in Denmark, stay in Denmark after they have finish studying, even though 75-80 per cent of them actually want to stay here. If the international students in Denmark were to find a job in Denmark after their studies, the Exchequer would become DKK 2.1 billion richer over six years, according to Copenhagen Capacity’s calculations.


And there a good reason to take an interest in international students – also for the Danish clusters.

Especially within IT, life science and research and in higher educational institutions, within health and engineering, it is, according to a 2012 report from The National Labour Market Authority (available in Danish), difficult to meet the need for qualified labour in Denmark.


And the challenge will not decrease in the future. The national demographic development means that we will be short of labour in general, and as globalisation increases the competition on investments and jobs at the same time, the demand for qualified international labour will increase.

When Danish clusters want to help their members recruit international talents for certain job positions, they can either use headhunting bureaus or get assistance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But there is also the possibility of recruiting international talents among international students in Denmark and students and graduates from international education institutions – and here is where you can get help:

The career centres of the universities

Most of the universities’ career centres have projects that include finding jobs in Denmark for international students and graduates, and the centres gladly assist in the recruitment of international students in Denmark. For further information on the possibilities, please contact the various universities’ career centres.



If you need labour with knowledge from a specific country for market analyses, marketing or knowledge from study programmes that Denmark does not offer, the organisations AIESEC and IAESTE can help handpick students and graduates from abroad. They facilitate international internships with the possibility of hiring the interns.


AIESEC is associated with all Danish universities and helps headhunt international students and graduates within all industries.


IAESTE is associated with the technical universities and facilitates technical internships.

The EU-Japan Centre

Before the 30th of September 2012, European companies can apply to the EU-Japan Centre for a Japanese intern within high technology for up to eight months from August 2013 to March 2014. Read more HERE.



The number of international students with a higher education in Denmark doubled since 2004. According to Statistics Denmark, in 2010 there were 17,300 internationals with a study card in Denmark.