Nordic Growth Entreprenuership Review

The Nordic Growth Entrepreneurship Review 2012

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This Nordic Growth Entrepreneurship Review provides an analysis of Nordic framework conditions for entrepreneurship and growth of young firms. The Review concludes that there is a good level of startup activity across the Nordic region and also a relatively good share of young fast-growing gazelle firms. However, the area in which the Nordic region seems to struggle is successfully scaling up of young firms, so they would grow to large companies.

The Review highlights regulatory framework and market conditions as the Nordic strongholds. It also notes the good development of entrepreneurial culture over the most recent years, reflecting some new initiatives in the Nordic entrepreneurship ecosystem. According to the Review the areas especially challenging are access to expansion stage finance, and entrepreneurial capabilities and business skills which are crucial to company success.

Nordic Innovation hopes that the findings and recommendations of the Nordic Growth Entrepreneurship Review will facilitate the discussion and development of the framework conditions and policy for growth entrepreneurship in the Nordic region, in order to fully capitalize companies’ growth potential.